Monday, 13 February 2012

Style Inspiration- Laura Gommans (The World Looks Red)

Because I've missed two Fashion Fridays I've been craving doing one! So I've decided to do a style inspiration post today!
I really love Laura Gommans' (The World Looks Red) style. She has a talent for finding amazing vintage, and vintage-inspired pieces, and layering them to create really beautiful, feminine and quirky outfits. She is also from Amsterdam, and I love seeing photos from around Holland because my Nan is from there so one day (hopefully!) I will visit.

The Jezabels- 'Endless Summer'

This film clip has probably been out a couple of months but I had to post it because it is such a lovely story and I love just about everything in a period setting. The song is lovely too, I was lucky to see The Jezabels live at the Big Day Out (they were amazing, even though I weren't very close to the stage compared to every other act I saw).

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Pakayla Biehn Paintings

I find these stunning paintings by Pakayla Biehn so intriguing and magical.
Pakayla Biehn has based this series on double exposure photography by a variety of photographers including Alex Welsh, Kendall Paulsen and Tanya Prilukova. You can find more information at her website, here.

Note: Sorry for originally calling these beautiful works 'photography' in the header, don't know why!

Monday, 6 February 2012

Boy & Bear- Feeding Line

Welcome to another Music Monday! Today, I'm going to post a clip that is a little old (well, last year so not that old, but still), called Feeding Line by Boy & Bear. If you're Australian you've probably heard it, and if not than I don't know! But I decided to choose a song from one of the acts that I saw at the Big Day Out in Adelaide on Friday.
Apart from being a great song, I really love the old style of the film clip (the styling, etc.) and the chandeliers! So beautiful! And they were great on Friday!
Hope you had a lovely weekend, I had a busy one for once- driving back from Adelaide on Saturday then attending my grandparent's 50th Wedding Anniversary lunch on Sunday. xx

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Eveline Tarunadjaja

Happy Whimsy Wednesday! (I think that this is actually the first time I have actually posted on a Wednesday... oops!)
Today, I'm showing the wonderful work of Eveline Tarunadjaja (a favourite artist of mine for a few years now!). I love her quirky and fantastical ideas portrayed in her artwork, as well as the lovely subtle but bright colours she uses, and the masses of delicate lines that create the hair! 

I'm sorry to say that you will not hear for me for another few days because I am off to Adelaide to brave the masses for the Big Day Out. It's my first music festival so I'm super excited! I'm sorry to miss Fashion Fridays though, they have become a favourite of mine!