Monday, 25 June 2012

Steam- Deep Sea Arcade

I'm really enjoying the psychedelic indie-pop songs of Sydney band Deep Sea Arcade at the moment. Here is the clip for their song 'Steam' (ass clapping woo!)

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Thought Provoking...

This week I have read some interesting blogposts. They may not be interesting to your average person, however they certainly got me thinking:

First was this post on a new fashion blog find of mine, Flattery. I found the style evolution of Breanne very interesting, from the 'scene' phase to how she is now. I was a shy, awkward, nerdy teenager in a small country school where the outgoing and sporty dominated, so I always tried to look nice but didn't really follow any trends, so I look upon this with interest. The fact that I didn't get caught up in any trends or phases, I cannot decide is a blessing or a curse. I like how she is now happy with how she dresses, as herself.
I think it's great to be inspired by people (afterall what are fashion blogs for? And celebrities? And magazines?) however, you'll feel way more comfortable in your own style. I suppose you need to find that right combination of fitting in and standing out, that is oh so important.

The next was a lovely post on Kristie Webster's blog, and was an insightful 'rant' about young girls these days feeling the need to show lots of either boobs or legs, and displaying the elegance of ladies in the 40's and 50's. I would say I dress modestly (insert shy and awkward from above), with of course the exception of shorts (but I always buy a reasonable length, not pocket linings!). And I do not know a lot of girls who have everything on display, but then I think of summer and said shorts with pocket linings showing, and the super tight black dresses that seem to be all the rage, as well as cocktail dresses with cutouts. I was shopping with a friend of mine once and I spotted a dress I liked, that didn't have a back, and was wondering how a singlet would go underneath, and she said I should show my back. We do have different styles, as she does prefer to show more skin than I do. I just don't feel comfortable that way, and it's rather depressing that showing lots of skin is considered to be sexy.

I was also entertained for quite a while reading Benjamin Law's articles for Frankie magazine. I do read Frankie, but I only started at the beginning of 2010, so have missed some of his funny but insightful articles for Frankie.

Sorry for the very word-heavy post, I just must be in a 'pondering' mood today.

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend, I haven't done anything (as per usual), but am having tea at my grandparents tonight for Mum's birthday. I am expecting it would be one of Nanna's great roasts, yummo!


Thursday, 21 June 2012

Style Inspiration- Bonnie from Flashes of Style

I am currently adoring Bonnie from Flashes of Styles look. She has what I think is the perfect combination of edgy and feminine style. Everything in her wardrobe is gorgeous and perfectly styled, then photographed on the streets of the few American cities she's lived in. 
She is also great inspiration as I have some similar pieces in my wardrobe and haven't known how to wear them, so I am keen to hit the streets of Adelaide again wearing these things (rather than them collecting dust in my wardrobe). Alas, that will be a few weeks away still, until then I will be checking out chunky knits and high waisted shorts to add to my wardrobe. 

To see more of her style, check out her blog:, or find her on the ever-inspiring Lookbook.

Feeling Inspired

Why hello again, it's been a while.
In February, I made the journey back to Adelaide to begin my second year of uni, with that trip all of my time and inspiration to blog disappeared. I felt like no one was reading my blog, and that it was silly, and embarrassing (ah, being 19, still has its annoying teenage woes!) But I have since returned home to country Victoria for my very long Winter break, with nothing but time on my hands. So hopefully, you will be hearing from me more! I certainly hope so, as I feel this blog is still a great part of my self discovery, and sharing the things that I love and am inspired by to people, something that I don't do often enough. 
As always, enjoy :)
Tara xx