Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Offspring- Nina's Apartment 2

Aaaannndddd..... here is Nina's second apartment! I don't know which one I love most, this stunning rustic and uber quirky one, or her first elegant yet still whimsical apartment! Which do you prefer?
Images for this post were found here and here!

Offspring- Nina's Apartment 1

Why hello there, you must be thinking that I'm bored since I've started blogging again, and you would be right! It's not bound to last though, I'm moving back to Adelaide on Saturday!
During the past couple of weeks I have be re-watching the Australian drama Offspring. It's a show that works so well because of the way it's put together- the beautiful characters whom are acted perfectly, incredible Melbourne as the location, and fantastic styling. The protagonist, Nina, has great taste in clothing, men (!) and apartment interiors! Here is some interiors from her first stunning apartment. It's so elegant, yet still quirky and unique. I love it! It sold in Melbourne a little while ago and you can see pictures of it styled another way here! I should add I got most of my images from this site.