Sunday, 29 January 2012

'Somebody The I Used To Know'- Gotye

With Australia Day been and gone I thought that it is only just to feature the winner of the Triple J Hottest 100 countdown, Gotye! Well, I suppose this is a boring post for most of you, because it is so popular and therefore was everywhere! However, I also think the film clip is amazing- I love stop motion, and it also feature art, win! Not to mention the song is addictive and Aussie :)

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Vero Moda: Spring 2012 Campaign

Because I've watched this several times today- I thought I should share it with you! It is a video for Vero Moda's Spring 2012 collection, starring Alexa Chung. I absolutely love the collection, which is filled with lace, spots, knits and peter-pan collars (I love all of those things!), and gorgeous colours, like navy, white, cream and pale pink! I want everything in the collection! No doubt you will see another post soon about Alexa's style too, as like many other ladies, I ADORE it!

PS. I also love the feel of this video and the seemingly fun lifestyle of the 'protagonist' and it really something I want to try and put into my illustrations...

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Nadinoo Look-book Videos

Nadinoo-Vimeo HD from Crena Watson on Vimeo.

Video for Nadinoo
Written, Directed & Produced by Crena Watson
Video Technician & Editor: James Marsden
Styling and Props: Kimberly Watson
Model: Imogen Parry (Storm)
Hair: Deborah Brider (DWM)
Makeup: Anita Keeling, Jed Root
Music: Camille '1,2,3'

Sounds of the Woods - Nadinoo AW11 Film from WishWishWish on Vimeo.

Video for Nadinoo's Autumn/Winter 2011 collection
Director & Producer: Carrie Harwood
Cinematographer & Colourist: Miguel Santana
Designer & Stylist: Nadia Izruna
Model: Rosalind Jana
Make-up & Hair: Emily Dodge
Music: Emiliana Torrini 'Birds'

How stunning are these Nadinoo videos?!
I love the feeling of the first one- just relaxing at home, listening to music. However, it's something that we usually do shamelessly (or shamefully) in our trackies or PJ's, and it looks just way more fun in pretty outfits! Maybe dressing up would get rid of some of the guilty feeling usually associated with doing nothing!
I particularly love the second one- the idea of camping in a forest wearing cute clothes and exploring sounds like so much fun to me! I also love the little collections. I also like the red-riding hood style coat, and the feel of fairytales.

Have a wonderful weekend xx

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Love Love Love- Avalanche City

Happy Monday!
Well, I know that this film clip is a little old- but it's super cute! It's for the song 'Love Love Love' by New Zealand band, Avalanche City and the video was directed and produced by Josh Smith. I love the song, it's so peaceful and beautiful. And the film clip is gorgeous, not only does it look great (I love the collage feel to it, and layered paper) but it has a lovely storyline too.
I love the paper tree forest!

Friday, 20 January 2012

Vogue Australia February 2012 Cover

Vogue Australia Feb 2012 Cover
Photographer: Nicole Bentley
Model: Marloes Horst from Next Models
Fashion Editor: Meg Gray
Hair: Sophie Roberts
Make-up: Linda Jeffreyes

Welcome to the first Fashion Friday!
I adore this months Vogue Australia cover! I think it's very tea-partyish for some reason... I just love the softness, and the gorgeous shade of pink.
Have a lovely weekend!

Thursday, 19 January 2012

'The Joy of Books' Stopmotion

As a very late Whimsy Wednesday post- here is an awesome stop motion video called The Joy of Books. Sorry, I missed posting on Wednesday, I didn't know what to post about it and then completely forgot- whoops! I can't believe I missed my first Whimsy Wednesday post! Hopefully, I will remember to give you a post about fashion sometime today...
This amazing stop motion video revisits childhood dreams of what your toys do when you're not there- only with books! I would hate to know how tedious it would've been to re-sort the books in genres and alphabetical order again afterwards- eep! I thought books couldn't get any cooler- but, obviously they can!
This video is done in a bookstore called Type in Toronto and was made by a man called Sean Ohlenkamp and his wife.
Hope you like it xx

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Triple J Hottest 100

Welcome to my first ever Music Mondays post! I'm excited!

I thought it's only fitting since the voting closes today, to share who I voted for in this years Triple J Hottest 100. For any non-Australian readers Triple J is a popular current music channel that people seem to either love or hate (I love it!).  It plays a lot of Australian music, as well as bands and musicians like Vampire Weekend, Arctic Monkeys, etc. rather than the likes of Katy Perry, Rihanna, etc.
And every year Triple J does the Hottest 100 where readers vote for their favourite songs which begins a countdown, which is done on Australia Day.

Here is my list:
The Hellcat Spangled Shalalala- Arctic Monkeys
Lonely Boy- The Black Keys
Shuffle- Bombay Bicycle Club
Under Cover of Darkness- The Strokes
Honey- Papa vs. Pretty
Pumped Up Kids (cover from Like a Version)- Owl Eyes
Call It What You Want- Foster the People
Money- The Drums
Is It Me- The Kooks
L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N- Noah and the Whale

Who did you vote for? I would love to hear!

I submitted my votes a couple of weeks ago, but I wish I did it more recently because last Tuesday I went to see Arctic Monkeys in Adelaide, and Miles Kane supported them and I've been hooked ever since! It's a pity you can't vote twice! So it's a mistake I will learn from, and hopefully not repeat next year!
Since, I've mentioned it, I will have to say that the concert was amazing! It's my first ever (that wasn't a comedy show or the Wiggles). So, I'm really glad and lucky to have seen my favourite band first. They were fantastic, and really into the performance too! They also invited Miles Kane back on stage to perform 505 and Little Illusion Machine (my current favourite). I really enjoyed it, and I would recommend anyone to go (even if you're not that familiar with their music, I think they have the power to   convert anyone live!)

Sorry about the super long blog with heaps of writing!
Well, I hope you had an awesome weekend! xx

PS. What do you think of the look of my new blog? I'm still not completely happy, but I like it better now.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

hello again.

Hello again,
After a nice relaxing trip to the beach with my family, I am back and ready to blog!
I was spending parts of the week (admittedly not much) contemplating what direction I would like to go with my blog- and stressing because most blog advise says to pick one topic of interest and stick to it. I started to freak out, thinking, I have way too many interests all of which I love to just pick one, so I've decided to do them all (like I had originally plan). After all, I do really want to use this blog as a way of self discovery, and finding what my favourite things are. 
I thought that it may be best to divide things into days, so people can come and check whichever topic they prefer on the given day. Hopefully this works- and that I stick to it! So here is my timetable (to sound all uni/school and boring on you):

Music Mondays- pretty self- explanatory here, on Monday's I will post about music.

Whimsy Wednesdays- where I will post anything lovely that catches my eye- art, ideas, things to buy, or things to make and do.

Fashion Fridays- where I will post about, you guessed it, fashion! Whether it be style inspiration, wish lists, favourite shops, dream items, photo shoots, look books, and purchases that make me happy (the list goes on!)

And on every other day of the week (particularly weekends), I will post about any other randomness that catches my eye films, books, other things that I feel I MUST post about immediately without waiting for the day it's on.

So hopefully this works!

Meanwhile, over the next couple of days you might (hopefully!) see a change in the appearance of my blog. I put it together really quickly one night, and I think my design lecturers would cringe at my type, and the layout!

Hopefully you're having a great weekend xx

Thursday, 5 January 2012

See You Soon!

I am going to be out of the blog-o-sphere for a little while to spend time with my family at the beach. As much as I would like to get into blogging again, I am going to use this time out to think about my blog, future posts, and what direction I want to go in (and how much of myself I will reveal- SCARY!). I am going to try and work hard to get this blog out there (more than one view a day would be lovely hehe)- so I would love to hear some hints and tips if you would like to share!
See you soon x

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The Honey Trees

A few weeks ago I posted the gorgeous photography of Simon Filip- he has also directed this film clip by the Honey Trees (his sister's band) for their track, 'To Be With You'. It has the same feeling as his photography that I adore, the sense of adventure, and fun, mixed with beautiful settings, lovely ideas and whimsy. Enjoy!

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Clutches by Christopher Kane

How awesome are these clutches by Christopher Kane?! So bright and funky! A party will never be dull again! I wish there'd be things like these for uni student budgets (alas, there isn't much in the category!). Oh well, a girl can dream.
I found these images on net-a-porter, where you can buy them too-

Meanwhile, I hope you had a great Christmas, and that this year is the best one yet!