Sunday, 15 January 2012

Triple J Hottest 100

Welcome to my first ever Music Mondays post! I'm excited!

I thought it's only fitting since the voting closes today, to share who I voted for in this years Triple J Hottest 100. For any non-Australian readers Triple J is a popular current music channel that people seem to either love or hate (I love it!).  It plays a lot of Australian music, as well as bands and musicians like Vampire Weekend, Arctic Monkeys, etc. rather than the likes of Katy Perry, Rihanna, etc.
And every year Triple J does the Hottest 100 where readers vote for their favourite songs which begins a countdown, which is done on Australia Day.

Here is my list:
The Hellcat Spangled Shalalala- Arctic Monkeys
Lonely Boy- The Black Keys
Shuffle- Bombay Bicycle Club
Under Cover of Darkness- The Strokes
Honey- Papa vs. Pretty
Pumped Up Kids (cover from Like a Version)- Owl Eyes
Call It What You Want- Foster the People
Money- The Drums
Is It Me- The Kooks
L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N- Noah and the Whale

Who did you vote for? I would love to hear!

I submitted my votes a couple of weeks ago, but I wish I did it more recently because last Tuesday I went to see Arctic Monkeys in Adelaide, and Miles Kane supported them and I've been hooked ever since! It's a pity you can't vote twice! So it's a mistake I will learn from, and hopefully not repeat next year!
Since, I've mentioned it, I will have to say that the concert was amazing! It's my first ever (that wasn't a comedy show or the Wiggles). So, I'm really glad and lucky to have seen my favourite band first. They were fantastic, and really into the performance too! They also invited Miles Kane back on stage to perform 505 and Little Illusion Machine (my current favourite). I really enjoyed it, and I would recommend anyone to go (even if you're not that familiar with their music, I think they have the power to   convert anyone live!)

Sorry about the super long blog with heaps of writing!
Well, I hope you had an awesome weekend! xx

PS. What do you think of the look of my new blog? I'm still not completely happy, but I like it better now.

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