Thursday, 19 January 2012

'The Joy of Books' Stopmotion

As a very late Whimsy Wednesday post- here is an awesome stop motion video called The Joy of Books. Sorry, I missed posting on Wednesday, I didn't know what to post about it and then completely forgot- whoops! I can't believe I missed my first Whimsy Wednesday post! Hopefully, I will remember to give you a post about fashion sometime today...
This amazing stop motion video revisits childhood dreams of what your toys do when you're not there- only with books! I would hate to know how tedious it would've been to re-sort the books in genres and alphabetical order again afterwards- eep! I thought books couldn't get any cooler- but, obviously they can!
This video is done in a bookstore called Type in Toronto and was made by a man called Sean Ohlenkamp and his wife.
Hope you like it xx

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