Saturday, 14 January 2012

hello again.

Hello again,
After a nice relaxing trip to the beach with my family, I am back and ready to blog!
I was spending parts of the week (admittedly not much) contemplating what direction I would like to go with my blog- and stressing because most blog advise says to pick one topic of interest and stick to it. I started to freak out, thinking, I have way too many interests all of which I love to just pick one, so I've decided to do them all (like I had originally plan). After all, I do really want to use this blog as a way of self discovery, and finding what my favourite things are. 
I thought that it may be best to divide things into days, so people can come and check whichever topic they prefer on the given day. Hopefully this works- and that I stick to it! So here is my timetable (to sound all uni/school and boring on you):

Music Mondays- pretty self- explanatory here, on Monday's I will post about music.

Whimsy Wednesdays- where I will post anything lovely that catches my eye- art, ideas, things to buy, or things to make and do.

Fashion Fridays- where I will post about, you guessed it, fashion! Whether it be style inspiration, wish lists, favourite shops, dream items, photo shoots, look books, and purchases that make me happy (the list goes on!)

And on every other day of the week (particularly weekends), I will post about any other randomness that catches my eye films, books, other things that I feel I MUST post about immediately without waiting for the day it's on.

So hopefully this works!

Meanwhile, over the next couple of days you might (hopefully!) see a change in the appearance of my blog. I put it together really quickly one night, and I think my design lecturers would cringe at my type, and the layout!

Hopefully you're having a great weekend xx

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