Saturday, 28 July 2012

Arctic Monkeys at the Olympic Opening Ceremony

Admittedly, I did not rise at 5am to watch the opening ceremony (as much as I regret it now), but when my little sister messaged me that Arctic Monkeys performed I raced up and watched it, although I missed it I saw it later, and thought they did a great job covering one of my favourite Beatles songs! (Not that I know many...) It was only a few weeks ago that I was whinging about not knowing anyone to gasp over Arctic Monkeys, somehow, I think they're going to be very popular soon (and lets hope they take this opportune moment to release a new album!!!)

Friday, 13 July 2012

Dahlia Lookbook

Dahlia Presents: One Dreamy Day from dahliafashion on Vimeo.

How sweet is this lookbook from British brand Dahlia?! How I love video lookbooks! They're so sweet, and I always want to live the life of the girls in the dresses- well, of course that's the point... All of the necessary info is at the end of the video, and here is their website if you want to check out their clothing:

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Life Size Dollhouse

How amazing is this abandoned dollhouse by Heather Benning?! Fantastic idea! See more here

Sometimes I Wish... I lived somewhere else


You know when you go through those stages where what's around you is not enough, and you feel the area you live in doesn't understand you, or have people with common interests... I'm having one of those (however, not a teenager "I hate everyone and everything!" *slams door* moments). Just one where I feel inspired to go somewhere different. Sadly, I am broke and at uni, and I do not think my course and the way it's done is suitable for exchange. These moments usually occur when I'm at home, and have been housebound for ages and read millions of blogs and all the beautiful places they visit, and the things we have in common- why can't I discuss Alex Turner and Miles Kane with my friends (and they took their shirts off at the end of the concert!"), rather than read about Olivia doing it.

So basically, today I wish I lived in England (or anywhere in Europe), where I can wonder around ancient buildings, listen to the bands I love (who are predominately British), and... freeze...

Anyway, sorry about my ramblings, blogging is a fantastic way to discuss my interests, so feel free to comment and discuss!


Tuesday, 10 July 2012


Decisions have never been a strong point of mine. Ever. I mean I am seriously terrible at making them.
I tend to go with the flow, which doesn't really suit my personality much, as I am quite organised and like to know what's going to happen, however, my lack of decision making skills make me go with the flow.

At the moment I am trying to decide on a minor thing- and that is what dress to wear to my college ball. It is a quite formal event compared to other uni/college balls in Australia (I think). It's a pretty amazing night because the dining hall is amazingly decorated. For a few days prior to the ball they completely block of the dining hall, covering the walls with tarp and make us eat in the common room. During this they lavishly decorate it in a secret theme. Last year was the Lost City of Atlantis, and it looked amazing with balloons, fish, a boat, archway, everything! Apparently the year before was Willy Wonka and they had chocolate fountains! So basically, I think the decorations are the most exciting thing to wait for during the college year!

Sorry, about my ramblings. After looking around every dress shop I know of I have came to the conclusion to shop online at ASOS (big range, good prices), and they have some lovely finds, here are the ones I'm contemplating:

Links: One, Two, Three, Four

So hard to decide! Number 1 is probably the most me, but similar to a lot of the things I wear (especially colour) and I would prefer a full length dress (it's a not frequent opportunity), however the model is a good 15cm taller than me, so it would almost me full length. I could wear it to most pretty formal cocktail events too.
The second one is probably not my favourite but is similar to a gorgeous but too expensive one I tried on in Adelaide. Would never go out of fashion.
The third is lovely, and very me, but something just isn't right.
I love the last, it's very dynamic and I think I would get the most compliments on it. I'm mostly worried about the cut outs, I have a horrible flabby (although rather flat) stomach, which I think would poke through the cut outs when I sit down (ew, not a nice look!)

So what do you think? What should I choose? (I'm very pale, blue eyed, natural blond, and 'normal' figure, slightly below average height, by the way).

I would love your opinion everyone!