Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Sometimes I Wish... I lived somewhere else


You know when you go through those stages where what's around you is not enough, and you feel the area you live in doesn't understand you, or have people with common interests... I'm having one of those (however, not a teenager "I hate everyone and everything!" *slams door* moments). Just one where I feel inspired to go somewhere different. Sadly, I am broke and at uni, and I do not think my course and the way it's done is suitable for exchange. These moments usually occur when I'm at home, and have been housebound for ages and read millions of blogs and all the beautiful places they visit, and the things we have in common- why can't I discuss Alex Turner and Miles Kane with my friends (and they took their shirts off at the end of the concert!"), rather than read about Olivia doing it.

So basically, today I wish I lived in England (or anywhere in Europe), where I can wonder around ancient buildings, listen to the bands I love (who are predominately British), and... freeze...

Anyway, sorry about my ramblings, blogging is a fantastic way to discuss my interests, so feel free to comment and discuss!


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