Tuesday, 10 July 2012


Decisions have never been a strong point of mine. Ever. I mean I am seriously terrible at making them.
I tend to go with the flow, which doesn't really suit my personality much, as I am quite organised and like to know what's going to happen, however, my lack of decision making skills make me go with the flow.

At the moment I am trying to decide on a minor thing- and that is what dress to wear to my college ball. It is a quite formal event compared to other uni/college balls in Australia (I think). It's a pretty amazing night because the dining hall is amazingly decorated. For a few days prior to the ball they completely block of the dining hall, covering the walls with tarp and make us eat in the common room. During this they lavishly decorate it in a secret theme. Last year was the Lost City of Atlantis, and it looked amazing with balloons, fish, a boat, archway, everything! Apparently the year before was Willy Wonka and they had chocolate fountains! So basically, I think the decorations are the most exciting thing to wait for during the college year!

Sorry, about my ramblings. After looking around every dress shop I know of I have came to the conclusion to shop online at ASOS (big range, good prices), and they have some lovely finds, here are the ones I'm contemplating:

Links: One, Two, Three, Four

So hard to decide! Number 1 is probably the most me, but similar to a lot of the things I wear (especially colour) and I would prefer a full length dress (it's a not frequent opportunity), however the model is a good 15cm taller than me, so it would almost me full length. I could wear it to most pretty formal cocktail events too.
The second one is probably not my favourite but is similar to a gorgeous but too expensive one I tried on in Adelaide. Would never go out of fashion.
The third is lovely, and very me, but something just isn't right.
I love the last, it's very dynamic and I think I would get the most compliments on it. I'm mostly worried about the cut outs, I have a horrible flabby (although rather flat) stomach, which I think would poke through the cut outs when I sit down (ew, not a nice look!)

So what do you think? What should I choose? (I'm very pale, blue eyed, natural blond, and 'normal' figure, slightly below average height, by the way).

I would love your opinion everyone!


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