Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Just a minute in... November

In an attempt to return to the blogosphere I have taken a leaf out of Amanda from Here Comes the Sun's book and do a 'Minute In' post! Her lovely one can be found here.

Watching... Game of Thrones and Gossip Girl. However, I just finished the second season of Game of Thrones (soooo good but I want more!) so I need to add another to the list, maybe the latest season of Mad Men... however, any recommendations?

Reading... Life of Pi, I only just started though. Hopefully this list will be bigger come the end of the extensive uni Summer break as hopefully I will read most of my growing list!

Listening to...  on top of the usual, new music from Alpine, Ball Park Music, the Rubens, Tame Impala, Two Door Cinema Club and also the likes of the Killers and Vampire Weekend to prep myself for Big Day Out next year.

Wandering... who will get the number 1 spot in Triple J's Hottest 100, I cannot think of any obvious choices like Somebody I Used to Know last year. Any suggestions? And also where I will live and how my career will go after I finished my uni degree, it's another year away, but I'm still stressing out (stay in Adelaide, or go to Melbourne?!)

Cleaning... (oh fun, a cleaning section), my room. Or at least considering it (oops hahaha). I'm trying to fit everything I have in Adelaide with me into my room, and am currently failing (my cupboards are seriously about to explode!). Is it worth sorting out nineteen years of hoarding now, or wait til next year when I get a place of my own?

Glad to be... finished my second year of uni (woo!) and getting ready for Christmas (I may have splurged in the Christmas sections of David Jones and Myer last week hehe).

Well, that has to be probably the most boring Minute In... you've read! Feel free to join in and comment a link!


  1. Such a great idea! Perhaps I will do a post like this as well...

    I bought Life of Pi last year and never read it... let me know how it is! I feel kind of foolish for doing that.

    1. You should! They are actually fun (and it has given me inspiration to make my life seem more interesting on paper, since everything I wrote is boring haha!)
      I do that with books all the time, I think I get excited to have a weekend with little homework, and buy a big book and underestimate how much of my spare time I will spend sleeping. i will let you know :)
      Thanks for dropping by! xx

  2. Is it just me or is Gossip girl getting more and more hilarious? it's like 'what combination of characters haven't we tried yet?'. I think I'm a couple of episodes behind, I have to admit I can't wait to catch up! I hate that I love it so much.

    1. Haha it is definitely not just you! It is annoying how they try different characters and get rid of the good love interests (Chuck's French girl, or maybe I'm biased because she's in Harry Potter!) Fortunately it will all end soon, so it doesn't get completely cringe-worthy!
      It is the best guilty pleasure haha, so I feel many women feel the same way (if not just watch it for the clothes!)
      Thanks for visiting! :) x