Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Flattery's Bedroom

Breanne from Flattery just did a lovely post about her recent room decorating- and I love it. It's quirky and sweet. I also love it because it's her actual room and therefore has stuff in it- the worst thing about looking at interior design magazines and site is that you can never actually achieve the look because you have too much stuff (or maybe that's just me) or because you have sentimental things that must be on display however, they do not go with the theme of the room.
Therefore, I find this kind of mismatched, quirky, vintage decoration perfect, because you can feature all of your collectables and it still looks good.
I dream of the day where I can completely decorate a room myself, and paint. I've always had to put up with the baby blue walls my parents chose before I was born, and frankly, I'm more of a pink and purple person. And well, at college, it's whatever's cheapest, at least I have blue not faded orange curtains this year!
You can check out the post here!
Hope you had a lovely day, mine was great before I put a tissue in the wash!



  1. Love the prints and owl ornaments. How pretty! x Sushi

    1. They are gorgeous aren't they! Thanks for stopping by! Tara xx