Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Lana Del Rey for VOGUE Australia

Lana Del Rey for Vogue Australia
Photographer: Nicole Bentley
Fashion Editor: Christine Centenera
Hair: Anna Cofone
Make-up: Pamela Cochrane
Manicure: Mandi Levanah

Sorry, for the lack of posting for a while, time just went by.

How stunning is this Lana Del Rey shoot for Vogue? Simply beautiful- I love the clothes, makeup, hair, room, props, everything! It just screams to me everything I love. I must say, I wasn't always a fan of Lana Del Rey, I wasn't taken by her music, but I was inspired to draw this cover of Vogue, and thought it was only fitting to listen to this songstress at the same time, and was pleasantly surprised by the variety of songs on her album until a faulty fire alarm caused me to evacuate the building at midnight.

None of the Lana Del Rey imagery would be new to Aussies, but hopefully any international folk will have never seen it before.

Tara xx


  1. She is pretty amazing isn't she?!

    Thanks for visiting!

    Tara :) xx

  2. Hi :)
    Lana is so amazing, she looks so good in this pictures.


    1. She does, doesn't she?! I find the styling incredible too!

      Tara :) xx