Monday, 3 September 2012

Pony Anarchy Magazine

My favourite online magazine read Pony Anarchy has finally released their seventh issue. Filled with beautiful photography and illustration this issue is amazing, the magazine get bigger and better with every issue. I do hope that one day they release it in print (I am more partial to be able to feel -and smell- books and magazines). But for now I will continue to read the online goodness here!

I should also mention that the editor is the very talented Kristie Webster, who is about my age. When seeing people like her and athletes in their late teens and early twenties win gold medals at the Olympics really make me feel like I have achieved nothing in my nineteen years! I do hope I continue onto something great like these amazing people! 

I guess that since this is a Monday, I should post something musically- last Friday I purchased Two Door Cinema Club's latest album Beacon and the Vaccines' Come of Age. Both are amazing and definitely didn't have that whole second album disaster thing. I highly recommend you go out and buy them!



  1. Geeeee wizzz-ard! You've just made my week, little miss!

    So glad you like PA and you're such a gem for the kind words.

    Kristie xx

    1. Aww- yay! I am honoured to do so :)

      Thanks for having a peek at my blog!

      Tara xx